AuthAnvil Protected Solutions Program


Companies that build solutions that leverage our APIs are entitled to access to technical, developer and marketing resources that helps to differentiate their offerings from others. We will work closely with you to deliver a safe solution that can extend your password management and/or authentication subsystems. In exchange it is expected that:

  • You have an application that provides AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth authentication support, or have documented guidance on how to use an existing AuthAnvil agent to provide authentication support. If being done through SAML for AuthAnvil Single Sign On, you must include a SAML v2 metadata file.
  • Provide non-expiring demo licenses of your application to Scorpion Software to be used in our testing lab. In the case of hosted applications or highly sensitive applications that cannot be shared, please contact Scorpion Software
  • Have integration testing completed by Scorpion Software


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