Adding LogicMonitor

Before you start
- Ensure you have access and administrative access to your AuthAnvil on Demand tenant.

Section 1: Add LogicMonitor to SSO from catalog

  1. Log into your instance of AuthAnvil on Demand
  2. Browse to SSO Manager and select the Plus sign in the bottom right to add an application.
  3. Choose LogicMonitor from the list.
  4. On the Protocol Setup tab - Change the URLs shown from the Companyname.logicmonitor… to reflect your actual company name. See below for an example.
  5. Add the Application, select it from the list, activate it, and browse to the Permissions tab.
  6. Add the group(s) that will have access to this application
  7. Browse back to the Protocol Setup Tab and scroll to the bottom, Select View Federation MetaData.
  8. In the metadata screen, right click and select “Save As”, choose a location to save it to and a name to easily identify it. This will be required when configuring your LogicMonitor instance.


Section 2: Configure LogicMonitor

  1. Log into your account for LogicMonitor Account
  2. Ensure that the usernames and passwords in LogicMonitor match those in your AAoD tenant
  3. Click on Settings on the left of the screen, then Single Sign On under the User Access section.
  4. Select the Enable Single Sign On, and then Upload the MetaData previously downloaded from your AuthAnvil on Demand tenant, and select Save.
    Note: Do not select the “Restrict Single Sign On” checkbox
  5. Log out of your LogicMonitor account, and test the SSO login from your AuthAnvil on Demand tenant.



Attempting to use SSO to log in sends you to the LogicMonitor Login screen only.

The attribute being used to log into LogicMonitor from AAoD is different that what is expected by LogicMonitor. 

  • LogicMonitor is expecting an email address, attribute being sent is the PrincipalName (username)
  • LogicMonitor is expecting an email address that is different than what is being sent
  • LogicMonitor is expecting a UserName and is receiving an email address


  • Check the attribute of the LogicMonitor App and ensure that is what is being used by LogicMonitor as the username. The default login information for LogicMonitor is using the email Address as the username.


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