Adding Business Management System (BMS) / Vorex

This article will walk you through adding Business Management System (BMS) / Vorex from the SSO Catalog.

Adding the BMS Application

  1. Log into your instance of AuthAnvil on Demand
  2. Browse to SSO Manager and select the “Plus” sign in the bottom right to add an application

  3. Choose “Kaseya BMS” from the list
  4. Leave everything as default for now, and add the Application.
  5. Select Protocol Setup
    Change Assertion Consumer Service URL to
    Note:If you have a unique BMS tenant URL then the Assertion Consumer Service URL will be https://(your BMS Instance)/AuthAnvil/connect.aspx This should reflect the Reply to URL found Admin > My Company > Single Sign On in BMS.

  6. Select Attribute Transformation
    Remove Attribute Value: CompanyName
    Remove Attribute Send As: CompanyName

    Add Attribute Value: (Your BMS company name).
    Add Attribute Send As: CompanyName

    Note: Pending on how you have created your usernames in BMS you might need to use alternative username attributes.

  7. Select Permissions  and add the Groups that will have permissions to access this application.
  8. Browse to Signing and Encryption, and download the Certificate.

  9. Save the application.

Configure Kaseya BMS for SAML

  1. Log into your account for Kaseya BMS
  2. Click on “Admin” > “My Company” > “Single Sign On”

  3. Select  Upload certificate - and browse to where the certificate you downloaded resides.
  4. Upload the certificate, select “Enable Single Sign On to Kaseya” and press “Save(s)” 

  5. As long as the username in your tenant exists in Kaseya BMS, you should be able to log in with SSO.

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