How to migrate from AuthAnvil On-Premises

If you are or were an existing AuthAnvil On-Premises customer then switching to AuthAnvil On-Demand is quite simple. There is no actual migration required. 

Once you have your new AAoD tenant simply follow these simple steps.

  1. Add your Users.
    - Add the users manually How do I add a user? 
    - Use DirSync to enable Syncing users with Active Directory
    Note: Ensure that the usernames from AAoP and AAoD are matching if you are not using AD username conventions.
    - Provision the Users. See this article.
  2. Ensure that your users have setup their new Authenticators
    Downloading the AuthAnvil Authenticator
  3. Determine what endpoints you are already using.
    - Kaseya VSA, Labtech, Connectwise, Autotask,
    - Windows Credential Providers, RADIUS etc.
  4. Update the SAS URL on the endpoints to reflect the new AAoD URL.
    On-Prem style SAS URL
  5. Add any new integrations or endpoints.
    Single Sign-On Manager
    Advanced Configuration
  6. Once you have verified the endpoints are working as expected you can retire the AAoP 2FA/SSO server.
  7. If you are using AAoP Password Server please check out this article

 You should now have a fully functional AAoD server that is integrated with all your previous endpoints.


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