Adding a child organization in AAoD

What is a child organization ?

Simply put a child organization allows you to manager your customers from within your existing AAoD tenant to support multitenancy.

Multitenancy allows you to completely manage your customers right from within your primary AAoD organization.
Note: This feature is only available for customers that have purchased SECaaS.

Enabling child organization

To enable the use of child organizations within your AAOD tenant please follow these steps. 

  1. Log into your On-Demand tenant https://(your home realm)
  2. Select Directory Manager.
  3. Select Organizations
  4. Select the green plus sign button in the bottom right corner.
  5. Configure the child organization .
    - Set the Organization Name.
    - Modify the organization home realm as needed.
  6. Select Add Organization.

Once you have the child organization created you should be able to see a new drop down menu option on the following tabs that will look similar to the following.


This drop down will reflect throughout the UI.

Under Directory Manager

  • Users.
  • Groups.
  • Roles.
  • Directory Sync

Under Auth Manager

  • Agents
  • Logs

Under SSO Manager 

  • Application Library
  • Workflow requests


This drop down menu means you can easily toggle between organization when adding agents, apps or users etc.

Each of the child organization will have their own users, apps agents etc.

  • See this article for help with customizing the tenant.
  • See this article for help with setting up AD sync for users.
  • See this article for help with manually adding users. 

Virtually everything way you can use AAoD with your main tenant can be performed with the child organization.



You can allocate the seats to the new organization by following these steps.

  1. Log into your On-Demand tenant https://(your home realm)
  2. Select License Manager.
  3. Identify the organization you created in the previous section.
  4. Select the 3 dots to the right of the child organization name.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Select the max number of seats based on your client needs and available seats.
  7. Once you have adjusted the license to your desired usage select Save.

Note: You can adjust seat count dynamically at any time. So if usage expands or contracts your licensing follows within your allotted seats.


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