SQL Connection Error when logging into AuthAnvil Manager


When you attempt to log into AuthAnvil Manager using known valid credentials you get the error "Unable to connect to SQL."



The web server hosting AuthAnvil is not allowing localhost to make connections because an SSL certificate is attached to the site.



Configure AuthAnvil to use the proper URL for the Web service to connect to the SQL instance by changing the SAS URLs in the web.config files for AuthAnvilAdmin and AnvilManager to use the correct domain name instead of using localhost.

  1. Open the following two files with Notepad: - C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\AuthAnvilAdmin\web.config  - C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\AnvilManager\web.config
  2. Change the following sections of the web.config files to use an accessable name for the server, rather than localhost:
    AuthAnvil Manager web.config: <WebSettings> <add key="AdminWebReferenceURL" value="http://localhost/AuthAnvilAdmin/Admin.asmx"/> <add key="SASWebReferenceURL" value="http://localhost/AuthAnvilSAS/SAS.asmx"/> </WebSettings>
    AuthAnvilAdmin web.config <appSettings> <add key="AuthAnvilSAS" value="http://localhost/AuthAnvilSAS/SAS.asmx"/> <add key="AuthAnvilSecondarySAS" value="http://localhost/AuthAnvilSAS/SAS.asmx" /> <add key="IdleTimeout" value="20"/> </appSettings>
  3. Change the shortcuts to Anvil Manager and Manage Token in the Start Menu so that both shortcuts point to the new URLs.


If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at help.scorpionsoft.com or send an email to support@scorpionsoft.com.

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