Error "Failed to Save Settings" in Sync Agent Control Form


When clicking "Save Settings" on the AuthAnvil Password Sync Agent Control Form, the error message "Failed to Save Settings" displays and you are unable to save the configuration settings.



The user running the Control Form tool (C:\Program Files (x86)\AuthAnvil Password Sync Agent\SyncAgentControlForm.exe by default) does not have proper permissions to update the necessary configuration files.



Run the Control Form tool elevated (right-click -> "Run as Administrator"). This should allow you to save the settings.

If you are running as Administrator and the error message still displays, you may have installed the sync agent into a folder that has strict security permissions preventing the config files from being modified. We recommend installing to a subfolder within C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).



All versions of AuthAnvil Password Sync Agent



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