How can I bulk import passwords?

AuthAnvil Password Server: Mass Import and Export 

We have a useful and powerful feature to talk about, our mass export functionality.


AuthAnvil Password Server Administrators will be able to create XML exports of critical data. This complements our current backup tool by being a clear-text, human readable format. You can easily create an export, and store a printout in a secure location as part of any regulatory compliance requirements your business may have.

To use this feature, simply navigate to the Admin Tools page, accessible to any Organization level administrator. Select the type of export you would like to create, click the button, and then wait a few moments. Exports containing password data can take several seconds, since the data needs to be decrypted for export. Shortly, you'll have an XML files that contains your export data. As a warning, ALL PASSWORD DATA IS IN CLEAR TEXT WHEN EXPORTED. You are responsible for protecting this data if you choose to export it.

XML files generated in this way can be used for imports, or you can create your own. To use an import XML, click to the Admin page.


We hope that this new feature will help our customers meet some of their compliance and security needs. Please ensure that you protect any exported data, since it is in a human readable format. If you have any questions about this or other AuthAnvil Password Server topics, please post in the comments below! 




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