How do I disconnect an AuthAnvil server from Active Directory?

You can do this by following this procedure:

Note: This procedure may temporarily interrupt AuthAnvil authentications. If the server is protected by a Windows Logon Agent or Credential Provider, make sure that you have the override password handy so that you can regain access to the machine.

  1. As a safety precaution, back up the AuthAnvil database using the instructions in the Backing Up the AuthAnvil Database section of the AuthAnvil Installation Guide.
  2. Create a new AADBuser account on the local machine.
  3. In SQL Management studio, assign the new local user identical permissions as the existing domain user. NOTE: You will also want to assign a local administrative user sysadmin permissions to the server so that you can still manage SQL after the server is no longer domain joined.
  4. Run AAWebConfigEditor.exe, located by default in C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\AuthAnvil Tools\AAWebConfigEditor.exe. Tab through the controls until "Apply" is highlighted, then press Ctrl + O. This will enable editing of the impersonation fields. Set the username, password and domain to the correct values. (Domain should be set to the computer name).
  5. Click "Apply".
  6. Disconnect the computer from the domain.
  7. Ensure that DNS is resolving properly, and that you can reach the SAS URL specified in AAWebConfigEditor.exe from the server itself.
  8. Test an authentication against the AuthAnvil Manager (http(s)://servername/AnvilManager).


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