After Upgrading SSO applications fail to launch (ID1014 error in event logs)


After upgrading your installation of AuthAnvil Single Sign On when launching any applications an error message appears on screen. There is also an error in the AuthAnvil event log (Applications and Services Logs -> AuthAnvil) that starts off with the following text: ID1014: The signature is not valid



The current browser session has cached the keys that SSO uses to communicate with other applications. When upgrading, new keys were created and stored in a browser cookie.



Completely close out your browser window, including all other windows of the same app (IE / Chrome / Firefox). Then open the browser once more and log in to SSO.

You can also clear the browser cookies / cache to make sure there are no residual pieces left behind. If you are not sure that this is the problem, try opening a browser on a completely new machine and opening up AuthAnvil Single Sign On. If you are able to launch applications and log in successfully on other machines then the issue lies with the current browser.



Upgrades to AuthAnvil Single Sign On v3.0 or later



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