How can I add special character support to the Password Server?

In AuthAnvil Password Server v2 you can alter the database to accept special characters for different fields like Username and Description. In the regular expression parsing that we use for input validation and fault injection protection.

Open up SQL Management Studio and select "Open Table" or "Edit Top 200 Rows" on dbo.RegexTable. You will see a list of RegexValues looking like:




Check the RegexTypeID against dbo.RegexTypeTable to make sure you have the correct IDs for the type of data you are modifying



Edit the dbo.RegexTable and add the desired special characters you want to support in that field. As an example, here is a format using a couple of special vowel characters.

Example:  a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\\\\\"(),'&+?$%*=~^!-ëöéô

(Note: Best practice is to add new characters before the hyphen "-")

Once you save the line, the Password Server will allow you to save data with the additional characters.


Password Server v2.0 - Disabling Triggers

You will need to disable or remove the TR_RegexTableBlock trigger before you can modify the RegexTable data. If you use SQL Express you will need to delete and recreate the trigger script using the attached file RegexTableBlock_drop_trigger.sql

Once you add the desired characters you will need to re-enable the  TR_RegexTableBlock trigger. If you deleted the trigger use the attached file RegexTableBlock_create_trigger.sql to re-create the Trigger.



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