Setting up Direct Password Links in Password Server (Trusted Third Party Access)

Ever wanted to have a link that goes straight to a specific password? AuthAnvil Password Server can do that!


"Trusted Third Party Access" is designed to allow external applications to access a password by a special "GUID" or Globally Unique Identifier. The AuthAnvil Password Server team built this integration into our own products so you can access a password just by clicking a link with the special ID of the password you want.


How to Enable Direct Password Links (Trusted Third Party Access)

When you modify or create a Password record in the Password Server you will notice a checkbox labelled, "Enable for Trusted Third Party Access".


 Note: Only alpha numeric characters are currently supported for the Password Name with this Feature.


Check the box to enable this feature. 




Click Save Changes to apply the access.

Now open that Password record again and you will see a GUID listed. This value is unique for each Password record.



When you click "Generate Static Link" you will see the following information: 



2 Links are available to you:

  1. View Password Link - This URL will link directly to the "Reveal" function for a password. You will see the password on screen after going to this link.
  2. RDP Connector Link - If your Windows password is enabled for RDP, you will also have a link to launch an RDP connection using the credentials from this password.

Both of these links are using the same auditing and access control features to track and restrict access to these passwords. If you don't have permissions to Read or Launch that password, the link won't work for you. If you launch it on a machine where you are not logged in to AuthAnvil Password Server, it will prompt you for your login credentials and then pass you through to the password you requested.



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