How do I Troubleshoot Outlook Web Access with Forefront TMG 2010 using AuthAnvil?

If you get errors when attempting to log into OWA with AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth, you will need to check the communication between TMG and the AuthAnvil RADIUS server.

  1. Check the Application event log on the server that is running the AuthAnvil RADIUS server and look for events with an event source of ‘AuthAnvil RADIUS Server’, troubleshoot these based on the instructions in the ‘Common Issues’ section of the AuthAnvil Radius Server Implementation Guide.
  2. If there are no events in the event log, use the AuthAnvil RADIUS Test Tool to test the connection between the TMG server and the AuthAnvil RADIUS server, as described in the ‘Verifying Functionality’ section of the AuthAnvil Radius Server Implementation Guide.
  3. If the RADIUS test tool succeeds, check the RADIUS configuration on the TMG server (Step 22-29) to make sure that everything matches up correctly. If it fails, make sure that another rule on the TMG is not blocking access to the AuthAnvil RADIUS server.


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