How do I remove tokens we no longer use?

If you have a Token that is no longer needed, they can be removed from the AuthAnvil Manager once they have been removed from the user they were assigned to.

Note: We will not be able to remove the Token from your Token Orders listed in the Customer Portal


AuthAnvil Two-Factor Auth v3.x

Remove the SoftToken from the database using the "Delete Unassigned Tokens" screen of the AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard.

Note: AuthAnvil 2FA v3.x is no longer supported. 


AuthAnvil Two-Factor Auth v4.x-newer

Remove the SoftTokens from the Tokens Tab in the AA Manager.

Select the token Serial Number, Actions -  Delete Token.

delete_token.pngNote: This is the exact same process for legacy HardTokens.



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