How can I launch websites from the SSO Portal using a password stored in a shared vault?

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There may be times when you want to launch websites using a password entry Stored in a Shared Vault.

Launching websites from the SSO Portal can be accomplished using a password entry using the type Web Password with an uploaded Web Workflow

To launch a Website within the Password Server we first access a Shared Vault


Select the specific Vault you want to use. Actions > Add new password.


Select the Password Type: Web Password and enter your chosen website access information.


Note: When entering the Website URLit must be entered using HTTPS. HTTP is not supported as we can not cross trust zones.


In the Synchronization panel, select one of the following.

1. Enable for Sync & Single Sign-on. Note: this requires a Sync agent be selected to complete the task.

2. Enable for Single Sign on only. Note: These passwords will need to be managed manually.



Once you select the specific Workflow you can then configure the workflow as required.

In the example below, the Dropbox workflow is asking for Username and Password data in the "Login Sequence". You can configure what data to pass through to this password from the Predefined Value dropdown.

If you are only configuring Login functionality, you don't need to fill out any of the "Change Password" fields.



Under Remote Connection Policy check the box to Enable Web Launching and configure an optional Website Image for your icon.


Lastly, click Save Changes.

If you have configured SSO for web launching you will see a new icon the next time you access the SSO Portal.



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