Can I use the same workflow with multiple URL's?

Note: Currently there is an issue with the workflow editor that has broken this feature. Below is the workaround.

Note: While our team can support the usage of the Workflow Editor and the Chrome Web recorder plugin, support for custom built Workflows is only provided via ProServices. If you would like to purchase a ProServices support key for help with your Workflow please contact your Account Manager via


If you are creating multiple Password Server Password entries using a single Workflow you can specify the URL used for each entry.

Modify the Workflow to include the Navigation Step

  1. First we modify the first navigation step by adding a Manual URL Key using the Workflow Editor.
  2. Once you have configured the Workflow  save the SAMLX file and upload the Workflow to the Password Server.

You will need to upload the Workflow into the Password Server.

  1. Create a Password entry in the appropriate Vault. 
  2. Use the Password type - Web Password 
  3. Select the Synchronization tab and enable Sync. Select "Set the URLs of the Navigate and Submit Steps Manually".



This will allow the Workflow to be used for multiple Password Server entries yet use a unique URL.


Password Server v2.7 / 2.8 and Workflow Editor v1.3.1

If you are using Password Server v2.7 or your have installed the Workflow Editor v1.3.1 you will need to modify the workflow.

When you add the Manual URL Key in the Navigate to Page area of the workflow, it does not seem to be updating the actual Key value. 

This can be done manually by copying the value and pasting it into the Key area of the element.






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