Preparing SQL Azure for AuthAnvil​​

Note: As of Sept 2015 the use of  Azure SQL Server v12 is not yet supported. When creating the Azure SQL Server you will need to ensure the "Enable The latest SQL Update(v12)" Check box is disabled.

This guide outlines the suggested steps to configure a SQL Azure database for AuthAnvil connections. They must be completed before the AuthAnvil installer can connect to a SQL Azure database.

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First, connect into the SQL Azure Master database by clicking on the database connection string (long name with "", or the "Manage Server" button).

Next, run this query line by line to create the login, user, and permissions for SQL Azure database connection (must be run from ​MASTER database connection in SQL Azure). You may want to rename login1 and login1User to more appropriate names:


CREATE LOGIN login1 WITH password='<ProvidePassword>';

CREATE USER login1User FROM LOGIN login1;

EXEC sp_addrolemember 'dbmanager', 'login1User';

EXEC sp_addrolemember 'loginmanager', 'login1User';​ 


login1 represents the login value used in the SQL User connection for the installer (login1 / password).

login1User represents how the login is mapped to the database.



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