Installing Sync Agent fails with Error 1001

(Note: This article applies to AuthAnvil Password Server v1.5 and later.  If you are running AuthAnvil Password Vault v1.1 or earlier we recommend upgrading to the latest version using this upgrade guide: )


Installing the AuthAnvil Password Sync Agent fails with the following error:

Error 1001. An exception occurred in the OnAfterInstall event handler of ScorpionSoftware.AuthAnvil.PasswordServer.SyncAgent.ProjectInstaller. --> Failed to Save the Remote Impersonation Information. Path:<SyncAgent Install Path> other:<Server Sync Agent Path>



There are several possible scenarios that cause the error.  The root cause is that the app.config file from the Sync Agent Setup package cannot be accessed by the service installer.  Here are the known failures:

  1. App.config is not in the same folder as the SyncAgentControlSetup.msi and SyncAgentServiceSetup.msi files.
  2. ZIP package has not been Unblocked before extracting.
  3. ZIP package has not been extracted before running the Sync Agent installer.


Make sure the ZIP file is unblocked by right-clicking on it and going to Properties.  If it is blocked by Internet Explorer, there will be an "Unblock" option near the bottom of the Properties window.
All 3 Sync Agent files must be extracted to the same location and all must be present when trying to install the Sync Agent.  You should also log in as an administrator able to install software, and that has permissions to the folder where you extracted the ZIP file.


All versions of AuthAnvil Password Server


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