A token serial number is missing from the list in the AuthAnvil Manager


On the Tokens page in the AuthAnvil Manager, one of the token serial numbers is not listed.


Either the token has been deleted from the server or a row in the database has become corrupt.


Search the Auth Logs for the serial number of the missing token to see if it has been manually removed by an administrator.  If it has not, there may be a residual value in the database for the token.

To remove the remaining database entries for the token serial number, look under Databases -> Anvil -> Tables in the dbo.Tokens table for "Serial" matching the serial number of the token.  If there is one present, delete the whole row.

If the missing token is a SoftToken, double-check that there are no "TokenSerial" values matching this serial number in the dbo.SoftTokens table.

Once the dbo.Tokens and dbo.SoftTokens are clean of any Serial values matching the missing token, download a custom Token Import File in the Customer Portal and import it through the Tokens page of the AuthAnvil Manager.  The token will now be available in the Tokens list.


All versions of AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth


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