Why does my Kaseya PWS addin show a different version then my Password Server?

Using Kaseya PWS Addin v1.0 for Kaseya 6.2 and Password Server v2.0.2 the displayed version will be v1.6.0.12.

The current Addin installer detects if Password Server v1.6 or v1.7 is installed. When you install Password Server v2.x the Addin can not determine the correct version and therefore reverts to installing the content for v1.6.0.12. This behavior will be fixed in the next release of the Addin


The update to Kaseya PWS Addin v2 for Kaseya 6.2/6.3 and Password Server v2.0.2 will show the following.


If you are seeking information about the updated Kaseya Addins please see the following Article: Where can I get the Kaseya Addin?


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