How can I create a new Scope?

If you log into your Password Server https://(Your Domain)/AAPS/ and select Admin > General Settings > Scopes you will see the option to add a Scope.


Note: Scope ID's are sequential and will not be repeated if a Scope is deleted. This is due to the Scope information being saved in the DB for reporting purposes.

If you Select Add Scope you will be able to set the Scope name and Scope description. Once you enter the Scope Name and Description selecting Submit Scope will create the new Scope.


Once you have created the Scope you will need to add the Scope to a Role before you can create any Vaults in it.

Select the Roles tab.
Note: You can either create a new Role, or select an existing Role.

  1. Select/Create the Role.
  2. Select Scopes
  3. Select the new Scope (It will show a bold line under it) and Save Changes.


With the Scope being add to a Role you are now able to add Vaults in this Scope.

See this article for adding new Vaults.


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