AuthAnvil Password Server install fails because it is unable to update settings


At the end of the AuthAnvil Password Server installation, the setup fails with an error message to check the setup log (C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AAPV_Setup\AuthAnvilSetupLog.log). In the setup log there is an error message that the installer was unable to update a setting.



The database has certain restrictions on which characters are allowed to be added.  Certain settings in the AuthAnvil Password Server will not accept specific punctuation or other special characters.  The installer may allow you to proceed until the last step when it writes to the database, at which point the database will reject the values, causing the install to fail and roll back.

Error 1: "Unable to update OrganizationTable"
Error 2: "Unable to update setting 3 in the settings table."

Error 3: "Unable to update setting 7 in the settings table."

Error 4: "Unable to update setting 9 in the settings table."

Error 5: "Unable to update setting 13 in the settings table."

Error 6: "Unable to update setting 12 in the settings table."


Remove any unnecessary punctuation from the AuthAnvil Password Server install prompts in the corresponding field.

Fix 1 (OrganizationTable): The Organization Name does not allow commas, hyphens, or apostrophes (single quotes).

Fix 2 (Setting 3): The Base URL has an invalid character.  This is caused when the installer detects a wildcard certificate on the web site to which it is being installed, putting the value * into the Base URL field.  You will need to complete the installation without a wildcard certificate.
If you still wish to use a wildcard certificate after the installation is complete, apply the certificate binding to the site where the server software is installed and configure the Web Service URL according to Appendix B in the Install Guide:

Fix 3 (Setting 7): The "From Address" email does not allow hyphens, quotations or apostrophes.

Fix 4 (Setting 9): The Mail Server name does not allow hyphens. The workaround for this setting is to use the IP address of the mail server, or to use an alternate relay that does not have hyphens in the server name.

Fix 5 (Setting 13): The SMTP authentication password is not being handled correctly by the installer.  The workaround for this setting is to complete the installation using an anonymous relay (or enabling Anonymous Users) then configure the SMTP authentication requirements in the Settings page of the Password Server.

Fix 6 (Setting 12): SMTP Username is not valid. Check the username that is being entered.

Note: If you are required to use a value that is not permitted in the version of Password Server that you are using, contact our support staff for a workaround.


All versions of the AuthAnvil Password Server unless otherwise noted.



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