How to remove AuthAnvil database schema from Kaseya when it's not needed


With the introduction of Kaseya v7, AuthAnvil integration is now built in, and you no longer requires the old AuthAnvil.asp. As a side-effect, Kaseya's code automatically detects this by looking for the AuthAnvil database schema within the Kaseya database. If you have uninstalled the AuthAnvil AddIn previously, you will still have these tables, and Kaseya will erroneously start enforcing two-factor authentication on the logon page.

Root cause

Simply put, when the AuthAnvil AddIn is uninstalled we always keep a copy of the data, especially the audit logs, in the system. As Kaseya cannot detect that the modules may not be there, it enables AuthAnvil security anyways.


Scorpion Software has published a SQL script that will properly remove all AuthAnvil related tables and accounts from your Kaseya database. This script is attached to this KB article. You should use this script if you no longer are using AuthAnvil with Kaseya.

Note: This will destroy your auditing data for AuthAnvil as well, so you should do a database backup before running this SQL script.

Steps to Remediation

  1. Backup your existing Kaseya ksubscribers database.
  2. Download the SQL script
  3. Open up SQL Management Studio and connect to the Kaseya database
  4. Load the SQL script and execute it against the ksubscribers database
  5. Run a Kaseya schema rebuild 


  • Kaseya v7


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