How can I find all the Vaults a user owns?

When you have an employee leave, or perhaps no longer needing access to Vaults we can find out the exact Vaults the user owns. 

If you access the Password Server SQL Database via SQL Management Studio > AuthAnvilPasswordServer > Tables >  dbo.UserTable you will be able to confirm the UserID.


Now that we know the UserID we can view dbo.VaultTable to find out what the Vault ID's are.


With the VaultID and UserID known we can now compare this information with dbo.VaultMemberTable



As you will now see after reviewing these three tables we can determine that User UserID 3 is a member of VaultID 3. 

Now we simply access VaultID 3 Acme Passwords and remove the users ownership of the Vault.

Access the Password Server > Vaults > Specific Vault (Acme Passwords) > Manage Vault > Current Members - remove Ownership permissions from the user.


Select Save Changes. This will remove the chosen user from Ownership and allow you to remove the user.



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