How can I setup SSO with a different username for VSA

If you are using AuthAnvil Single Sign On and are using different username requirements for SSO then you use to log into VSA the following method should work.

Kaseya Username: jsmith
2FA username:

User logs in to their SSO Portal https://(Your Domain)/SSO/ using User launches VSA via the icon and is logged in. 


To make this work you will need to update the attributes in use. 

  1. In the AuthAnvil Manager https://(Your Domain)/AuthAnvil/Manager/ > Single Sign On
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Select Kaseya.
  4. Select Attribute Maps.
  5. Setup the main attribute to be named something like "User.VSAUser" instead of the default "User.username".
  6. Select Save Changes.

For each user an individual attribnute will need to be added.

  1. In the AuthAnvil Manager https://(Your Domain)/AuthAnvil/Manager/ > Single Sign On
  2. Select the specific user/
  3. Add an attribute named "VSAUser" with a Value of "(the users email without the

  4. Select Save.

This setting will need to be manually added to each user in Single Sign On that will need to access VSA.



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