Adding Dropbox SAML application in SSO

Configure the Single Sign On application.


  1. Log into the AuthAnvil Manager https://(Your Domain)/AuthAnvil/Manager/
  2. Select Single Sign On
  3. Select Applications
  4. Select Add New Application.
  5. Select Add an application from the catalog.
  6. Choose the Dropbox App.
  7. Application Configuration
    the Application
    Assign the Roles to be used.
  8. Select Protocol Configuration
    Correct the Reply to URL:
  9. Select Save Changes.
  10. Select the Dropbox application.
  11. Select Certificate Authority.
  12. Select Show Certificate (which will switch to Hide Certificate when selected)

    Copy the encoded certificate to the same note pad keeping it separate from the thumbprint. 

    Note: you’ll want to add a header and footer to the Notepad prior to adding to ITGlue configuration. A sample of how this should be in below:
    -----END CERTIFICATE----

Configure Dropbox

You will need to follow this guide posted by Dropbox


Test the configuration

Log into the Single Sign On portal https://(Your Domain)/SSO/

Select the Dropbox application. You should be logged directly into the application.



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