Adding Password Server For Single Sign On

AuthAnvil Single Sign On Configuration

  1. Log into the AuthAnvil Manager and navigate to the Single Sign On tab.
  2. Click the Applications panel and click Password Server.
  3. Configure the application settings as follows:
      • Enabled: Checked
      • Display Name: Password Server
      • Reply To URL: http(s)://<>/aaps/ssologin.aspx
      • Audience URI: uri:authanvil:passwordserver
      • Protocol: SP-Init Redirect
      • Token Lifetime: 480 Minutes


  4. If you do not already have the AuthAnvil SSO certificate available, download the SSO Certificate by clicking Download Certificate in the Certificate Authority section. We will need this file for a later step.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Add the AuthAnvil Password Server application to the appropriate roles by clicking on a role, expanding the Accessible Applications tab and dragging the Password Server app from “Available Applications” down to “Applications Accessible by Role”.

AuthAnvil Password Server Single Sign On Configuration

  1. If you are not still logged in from previous steps, log into your AuthAnvil Password Server.
  2. Click the Settings tab, then the AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth Settings panel.
  3. Click the Single Sign-On Settings button to open the SSO configuration panel.
  4. Check the Enable Single Sign On box to enable SSO.
  5. Fill in the following information for your AuthAnvil SSO server:
    • Issuer: (This is found in AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Server Settings tab. Copy the Token Issuer Name) http(s)://<>/AuthAnvil/SSO/Trust/site1
    • Identity Provider Login URL: http(s)://<>/SSO/logon.aspx
    • Identity Provider Logout URL: http(s)://<>/SSO/authorizedapps.aspx
  6. Click “Import New SSO Certificate” and upload the certificate taken from Step #4 in the SSO application configuration above. Click Import Certificate when you have the certificate selected. This certificate must be an exact match to the current SSO certificate.
  7. After importing the certificate, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Verifying Functionality

Once the installation is complete, you should test that everything is working as expected.

  1. Log out of all existing AuthAnvil Password Server sessions before logging in.
  2. Log into the SSO Portal at http(s)://2FAserver/SSO with a user that is enabled for SSO and is a member of a role that has access to the Password Server application.
  3. After logging in to SSO, click on the Password Server tile to log in. 
  4. If the SSO login succeeds, you will be left at the AuthAnvil Password Server dashboard. If the login fails, double-check your configuration against this guide.



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