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Importing passwords into an existing Vault with Password Server v2.5 - newer

You may import files into an existing Vault as a CSV file. This will require that the Scope and Vault are already created.

Log in to your Password Server https://(Your Domain)/AAPS/  Select Vaults.
 Select View on the desired Vault > Actions - Import Passwords

Select the file you want to upload and select Import File.


Please use the column headers of:
Name - The name of the password to be Imported.
Description - The description of the password to be Imported.
Password - The actual Password to be Imported.

Optionally, you may add the following column headers:
Domain - Set the Windows Domain for this password, setting it to a Domain Password.
MachineName - Set the Name of the remote machine for this Password, setting it to a Remote Password.
Expiration - Set the number of days this password will last for, overriding the default Vault value.
Username - Set the Username associated with this password.


Attached to this article are two example files for use with importing passwords directly into a Vault. One show the required fields and the other shows the option fields.




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