What does an AuthAnvil token look like?

It all begins with the AuthAnvil token. Our software token technology turns your Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone or Google Android into an AuthAnvil SoftToken authentication device. it also works on Windows desktops and directly on USB based Yubikeys. In combination with our AuthAnvil Strong Authentication Server software, we then program a unique 192bit AES key into the phone and configure it to produce 8 digit one-time-passwords with each use. This creates a huge keyspace, and with a 4 to 8 digit PIN, produces upwards past a trillion different possibilities… changing each time it is used. As a software token, it never expires, and will last as long as your device or desktop does.

Our hardware token technology is based on the industry proven CryptoCard KT1 and KT4 system which has been used to protect everything from Los Alamos Laboratories, Apple Computers and even Google. It generates a new one-time-password each time it is used, and combined with a user’s personal PIN provides for a strong passcode that cannot be forged or ever used twice.

In combination with our software, we then program a unique 192bit AES key into the token and configure it to produce 8 alpha-numeric one-time-passwords with each use. Its keyspace offers over 2.8 trillion different possibilities… changing each time it is used.

Our hardware tokens are powered by coin-cell batteries that provide 5 to 7 years of service, depending on the number of authentications you perform. 



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