Will my Smartphone still create One Time Passwords with no Cell Service?

AuthAnvil SoftTokens turn your Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Android device, or YubiKey into a powerful standalone two-factor authentication token, capable of generating dynamic one-time passwords that will let you log into systems and services protected by AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth. For users who only need to enforce AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth authentication on remote systems, we also offer a Desktop SoftToken for Windows.

Smartphone-based SoftTokens do not use the functionality of the phone like most SMS or text-based solutions to work. In other words, the phone doesn’t have to actually have service to function. However, during initial deployment the device will need to have some sort of Internet connection (even if through a computer cradle) to allow for over-the-air (OTA) deployment of the SoftToken to the phone.


For information on working with SoftTokens please refer to this article. "Where do I find instructions on using AuthAnvil SoftTokens?"

To reset of transfer a SoftToken please see this article. "Transfer or Reset an AuthAnvil SoftToken"



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