How do I set up the Astaro Security Gateway to use AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth to authenticate WebAdmin sessions?

Configuring Astaro Security Gateway to support RADIUS Authentication for WebAdmin sessions

Step 1 – Sign into your Astaro Security Gateway WebAdmin console as an administrator.

Step 2 – Click on ‘Users’, then ‘Authentication’, then the ‘Servers’ tab. 


Step 3 – Click ‘New Server’.

Step 4 – Select ‘RADIUS’ from the ‘Backend’ dropdown.

Step 5 – Click the plus sign beside the ‘Server’ field and fill in the required server information in the ‘Add Network Definition’ box. 


Step 6 – Set your RADIUS server port and shared secret, and optionally test the RADIUS server connection and an AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth authentication.


Step 7 – Click ‘Save’. 

Step 8 – If a group does not already exist for RADIUS users, click ‘Users’ then ‘Groups’, and click‘New Group’. Give the group a name, set the ‘Group Type’ to ‘Backend membership’, and set the ‘Backend’ to ‘RADIUS’, then click ‘Save’.

Step 9 – Click ‘Management’ then ‘WebAdmin Settings’ and click on the ‘General’ tab.

Step 10 – In the ‘WebAdmin access configuration’ section, click on the folder icon in the‘Allowed Administrators’ box to load the available users and groups. 


Step 11 – Drag your RADIUS Users group into the ‘Allowed Administrators’ box. 

Note: We strongly recommend leaving one local user configured with a strong password so that you can still gain access to the WebAdmin interface in case either the RADIUS server or the AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth server are not available. 


Step 12 – Click ‘Apply’.

Step 13 – Log out and re-authenticate to the WebAdmin interface using your AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth username and passcode.



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