Unable to connect to the AuthAnvil Subscription Web Service


After manually starting the service either by running the AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard or directly in Services, the error "Unable to connect to the AuthAnvil Subscription Web Service" is added to the AuthAnvil event log source. 



The root cause of this issue is that when the service attempts to connect to the customer portal to validate the account, the connection fails and the service notes the failure in the AuthAnvil event log. After 3 days of connection attempts the service shuts down, causing authentication attempts to fail.  Manually starting the service gets it running again, up to a maximum of 30 days without being able to connect.

 This error can be be caused by several issues:

  1. The customer portal subscription information is incorrect. Either the subscription is not set up on the customer portal or in the AuthAnvil configuration on the server itself. 
  2. A firewall rule or proxy server prevents the AuthAnvil Licensing Manager from accessing the Subscription Web Service. The ALM requires a direct connection to customer.scorpionsoft.com. 
  3. The AuthAnvil Licensing Manager can not resolve https://customer.scorpionsoft.com via DNS. 
  4. This computer does not trust the SSL certificate presented by https://customer.scorpionsoft.com.


Cause 1: To fix this, log into the customer portal and update the subscription information by either adding a credit card to the account or, if you have arranged credit, selecting "I have arranged credit terms with Scorpion Software," then set the password for your subscription.

Next, launch the AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard and set the email and password to match the values that you set for the subscription. Complete the configuration wizard, then launch the services console (services.msc) and restart the AuthAnvil Licensing Manager service. Within a few minutes it will attempt to connect to the subscription and will note success or failure in the AuthAnvil event log, viewable in the Windows Event Viewer.

Cause 2: You need to set up a firewall/proxy rule that will ensure that traffic on port 443 between your server and customer.scorpionsoft.com bypasses the proxy server and is not blocked by the firewall. The ALM will not work through a proxy.

Cause 3: The AuthAnvil Licensing Manager service connects to customer.scorpionsoft.com on port 443. Verify that your DNS records are correct and that you can correctly resolve the address through a web browser.

Cause 4: customer.scorpionsoft.com uses an SSL certificate for security. If your browser does not trust this certificate, make sure that your root certificate lists are up to date. If your browser still does not trust the certificate, please open a new case in the customer portal.



AuthAnvil 2.x or later



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at help.scorpionsoft.com or send an email to support@scorpionsoft.com.

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