Best Practice for upgrading AuthAnvil Password Management Suite

We recommend that you always first back-up each product.

  1. Backing up 2FA -
  2. Backing up SSO - Occurs automatically when backing up 2FA, can be done manually following
  3. Backing up Password Server -

Note: Do not leave the backup files in the Scorpion Software Folder.

You should you upgrade in the following order,

  1. Two-Factor Auth (2FA).
  2. Single Sign On (SSO).
  3. Password Server (PWS).

Note: During the Upgrades please stop the respective IIS Application Pools for Each product.

Here are the Upgrade Guides.

  1. AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth Installation

  2. AuthAnvil Single Sign On Installation Guide

    Note: As of 2FA v5.5 the SSO upgrade is handled by the 2FA installer, there is no need to run a separate upgrade.
  3. Upgrading the AuthAnvil Password Server

Note: Ensure you select the guides for your current versions.

Note: If you are only seeing an option to "Uninstall" when upgrading 2FA / SSO/ PWS then this in an incremental update and not a full version change.

When prompted to uninstall it is safe to continue once the old version is removed relaunch the installer and select install/backup.

Note: As always before making changes to any AuthAnvil product we recommend creating a backup as per the upgrade guide.  Remember to move this file to a safe location as it stores sensitive data from your server database. When the upgrade runs the existing AuthAnvil files and folders will be wiped and recreated.


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