How do I check my version of AuthAnvil?

Depending on which component you need to check, there are several places to look.

AuthAnvil SAS

  1. Log into the console of the server that is running AuthAnvil. 
  2. Open the URL http://localhost/TokenValidator/TokenValidator.asmx OR For installations completed after December 2008: http://localhost/AuthAnvilSAS/SAS.asmx NOTE: If you are enforcing SSL then use https:// 
  3. Click the Version link. 
  4. Click the Invoke button and the version will be returned in a seperate window.

AuthAnvil Components

AuthAnvil is made up of a number of smaller components, each of which may have a different version depending on when they were last updated. If you need to find the versions of any of these components, you need to look at the version numbers of their dlls. The dlls are, by default, located under "C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\<component name>\bin\".



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