Can Two Tokens be Assigned to a Single User?

You can assign two Tokens to a single user.

Here is an explanation of how to use the Grouped User in AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth to allow a login using multiple tokens:

  1. Create the two Standard Users for the tokens that you would like to use and give them relevant names.
    For example, you could create one Standard User called "Alice-iPhone" and issue a SoftToken to Alice's iPhone.
    Then create another Standard User called "Alice-iPad" and assign it to her iPad.
  2. Create a "Grouped User" that matches the username (Alice) you would like to use and assign the other two user accounts to it.
    Note that you will need to add both of the accounts to any other grouped users that they need to be a part of as well.

Now as the above shows User Alice would be able to authenticate with the Username "Alice" and the SoftToken from either "Alice-iPhone" or"Alice-iPad".

Note: AuthAnvil is billed on a per active token basis, so you will be charged at the regular rate for any additional tokens that you have assigned to a user.



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