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How can I backup or Restore my AuthAnvil Password Server?

This article applies to AuthAnvil Password Server v2.5 and later.  If you are running AuthAnvil Password Vault v2.5 or earlier we recommend upgrading to the latest version. Please check out our Password Server upgrade guide.

Backing up and restoring the AuthAnvil Password Server is done through our built-in backup and restore tool located at C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Server\Tools\aapsbackup.exe.  This tool can be used to create backup files (.psb) containing all the necessary database and encryption values to fully restore a AuthAnvil Password Server from scratch to a fresh or existing database. You can also restore a backup to a live server with this tool.

Password Server v2.5 - older. 

Backup: AAPSBackup.exe "<PathToWeb.config>" <SQLServer\Instance>

Restore: AAPSRestore.exe "<PathToBackup.psb>" -f  "<path to web.config>" 

Note: The Default path to the web.config is "C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Server\AAPS\web.config".
Note: The default location for the back/restore tools are in "C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Server\Tools\BackupTool".


Password Server v2.5 - newer.

Backup: AAPSBackup.exe 

Restore: AAPSRestore.exe "<PathToBackup.psb>" 

Note: The default location for the back/restore tools are in "C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Server\Tools\Backup\".

You also have the option of restoring a backup from the installer, using the "New Install and Restore Data" prompt.  Following the instructions in the AuthAnvil Password Server Install Guide for more information.

Keep in mind that SQL backups on their own will not properly restore the AuthAnvil Password Server as they don't include all the necessary certificate and encryption data.  Make sure to keep your .psb files secured, and DO NOT store them inside the "Scorpion Software" program directory. This directory can be modified during installation and your backups may be at risk of being overwritten.


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