Why does the Event Viewer shows errors from AADBUser?

The AuthAnvil Server will often display the following warnings in Event Viewer > Applications and Services > AuthAnvil.

Note: These warnings do no impact the security or performance of the the AuthAnvil Server, affects v5.0.0.33 and older.

GetAdusSettings() conn is null 

This is a debug value in the code that is always generated behind the scenes, the current release is echoing it out in normal functionality. It just has a "null" value, which is expected behavior. This will be fixed in the next release of 2FA / ADUS



VerifyConnectionState() is unable to re-establish a valid connection to the database.

This is the AADBHelper.dll checking the database connection to make sure its valid. The message means that it needs to re-connect, and will without user interaction (AADBHelper.dll checks the connection every time an action occurs). This is expected behavior, however this should only be echoed out in debug mode. This will be resolved in the next version of 2FA.




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