Configuring Legacy Authentication URLs for AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth

This page applies to anybody using the following

  1. ConnectWise
  2. AutoTask
  3. AuthAnvil v3.5 or earlier
  4. Any agents configured with “https://<>/AuthAnvilSAS/SAS.asmx” as the SAS URL

2FA v5.0 will not support the legacy URL paths provided in previous versions. Any AuthAnvil agents that are still pointing to the legacy SAS URLs for authentication will fail to check with the AuthAnvil server, preventing users from logging in. ALL AUTHENTICATION WILL FAIL if the SAS URLs are not updated.

In AuthAnvil v4.0 (June 2011) we released new URL paths for our web services and pages. These new URLs replaced old legacy paths that had been used for several years. To make sure there was minimal impact for our users, we maintained legacy support by adding redirect paths from the legacy URLs to the current URLs. Since v4.0 was released over 1 year ago, we have now removed legacy URL support in AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth v5.0.


Here is a list of legacy URLs and their updated paths:

AuthAnvil SAS URL (authentication web service)  

  • LEGACY: https://<>/AuthAnvilSAS/SAS.asmx
  • CURRENT: https://<>/AuthAnvil/SAS.asmx


Legacy pointers for other AuthAnvil web pages were also removed:

AuthAnvil Manager    

  • LEGACY: https://<>/AnvilManager
  • CURRENT: https://<>/AuthAnvil/Manager


AuthAnvil Self Service Portal (Manage Token page)    

  • LEGACY: https://<>/ManageToken
  • CURRENT: https://<>/AuthAnvil/SelfService


AuthAnvil Admin Web Service (internal web service URL)    

  • LEGACY: https://<>/AuthAnvilAdmin/Admin.asmx
  • CURRENT: https://<>/AuthAnvil/Admin/Admin.asmx

If you are running AuthAnvil v4.x: Verify that any Windows, Web, RADIUS, RWW, RMM and PSA logins that are protected with AuthAnvil agents are changed to reflect the current SAS URL. Do this BEFORE YOU UPGRADE to avoid any unnecessary down time.

If you are running AuthAnvil v3.5 or earlier: You may choose to upgrade the server software and then make the switch from legacy URLs to the current URLs (see above list). The other option is to recreate the legacy SAS URL after the upgrade to v5.0.

Note: If you are using AuthAnvil integration inside AutoTask you will need to run the CreateLegacySAS script as the AutoTask integration is currently hard-coded to use the legacy URLs.


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