BMS HR Employees | Unable to add a new employee


I am trying to add a new Employee in the HR module and it fails every time with the following error : 

Error! A username for that e-mail address already exists. Please enter a different e-mail address.


Answer : 

The cause of this is one of the following: The employee is already present and is marked inactive or the email is registered for a client portal user. 

Solutions : 

Solution 1 : 

Navigate to HR > Employees, Ensure inactive employees are also filtered and then search the email in question. If it's not listed in both active or inactive list, proceed towards solution 2. 


Solution 2 : 

Navigate to CRM > contact, Filter this email. Open the contact and check if the email is marked as client portal user. 


Same email addresses cant be used for a client portal user as well as an employee. You will have to differentiate or deactivate one among the above. 

Please contact Kaseya Support if you continue to receive this error after checking the above solutions. 



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