BMS Workflows | How do we re-open a closed ticket when the ticket contact replies to it?


How do we re-open closed ticket when the ticket contact replies to it?


When a ticket is marked completed, you can no longer edit it unless you reopen it. 

Re-opening a ticket can be done in two ways in the UI. 

1. Re-open manually -

Navigate to Service Desk > Tickets, Open a completed ticket and hit re-open. 



2. Configure a workflow to do this for you. 

  • Create a new workflow and use or customize the parameters as follows :

  • Activity Added By: Anyone/Clients

  • Conditions tab - Status: "IN" - "Closed or Completed" ( The field used for closure in your Service desk settings)

  • Updates tab - Change status to Open or whatever status you would like the re-opened the ticket to use.

  • Notification - You can specify what queues or who will be receiving this re-open notification via Notifications tab.


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