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How do SLA events work?


We have three built-in SLA events which use standard SLA system: 

First Response, Resolved, Waiting for Customer. These are associated with Ticket statuses defined in your BMS. 

When a ticket is created in BMS based on the SLA attached to the ticket, the system will attach the First Response Due Time and First Resolution Due Time to the ticket.

  • Any ticket statuses with SLA event defined as first response under Admin will update the SLA to be first response time on a ticket.
  • Navigate to Admin > Service Desk > Ticket Statuses.


Workflows have timers for the above due date and time when you change the status of the ticket to any status that has SLA = First Response the Actual First Response will be updated.

When the status is updated to Waiting for Customer a new timer will start counting the waiting time and workflow has a timer to trigger this.

When you resolve the ticket actual resolution time will be updated. Total time to resolve is calculated from the opening time of the ticket till the resolution time excluding the waiting time when the ticket is waiting for a customer.

If you have both the objectives for First response and resolution defined in your system, SLA met criteria will fail if either one of first response or resolution fails on a ticket. 



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