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1. Why do I get an error 500 when deleting a master ticket?

Error 500 is seen if the children tickets to this master ticket have billed time entries on them and could not be deleted. 

2. Why is the option to change the status from NEW greyed out on the master ticket? 

Any status change to master will affect the child tickets, so this setting is locked. This is seen only if the recurrence was Create all tickets now


3. How is Create Before X days calculated when creating child tickets?

Tickets will be created on future dates of the number of days defined in the recurrence settings. 

Example: If the number of days is 1 and repeat is weekly once, and the repeat day is a Friday the next ticket will be created on the next Thursday.

4. How to incrementally create recurring tickets? 

 Recurring Master Tickets can be created incrementally as opposed to all at once. A recurrence can only be modified if it's incremental. Incremental only can be edited anytime.




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