BMS IT Glue Integration | How can my technician make use of BMS IT Glue integration?

Question : 

How can my technician make use of the BMS ITGlue integration?

Answer : 

A technician can make use of this integration either in a View mode and or in Edit mode.

1. View mode will enable them to collect and review the data visible in the BMS UI.

2. Edit mode can be used to create modify data from BMS UI which will be auto-synced to ITGlue.

Example: creation or modification of passwords for a particular asset.

When creating tickets -

The ITGlue panel seen in the BMS UI is a smart panel and will update relevant tabs as and when new ticket information is filled in. When creating a new ticket, and adding an account to it, it will dynamically update the relevant ITGlue data when found from ITglue in the BMS side panel. Once an asset is associated all the data will be visible.

 All of the above can be accomplished without having to leave the BMS app.

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