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How do I set up access to restrict certain Employees from seeing Tickets of certain Accounts only?


Account limitations are controlled by Scopes via Admin > Security > Scopes - Scopes can only be assigned to Employees.



1. Create a Service Type for the Accounts under: Admin > CRM > Service Types > New (N) Button

2. Assign this Service Type to the Accounts in question under CRM > Accounts > Account TabService Type field:


3. Create a Scope for this Service Type and assign it to your Employee. The Account set for the Employee should only give them access to the Tickets from that Account. 

  • If there are other Accounts without a Service Type specified they will NOT be excluded from the Scope. Service Types will need to be assigned to ALL Accounts and the Service Types you do not wish to be included in the Scope need to have a "No Access" Permission rule added to the Scope so that the Scope works as intended.
  • Service Desk > Assets are not restricted by Service types.



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