How to Enable the 'CSKaseyaSupport' Account for Kaseya Support Requests

New Feature in BMS to enable the CSKaseyaSupport Account.

We have introduced a new feature/option in BMS that allows you to securely activate a BMS Support Account which will then give us access to your BMS partition for a specified amount of time during an active support case.

To enable this feature: 

  • Access your BMS tenant
  • Navigate to Admin > My Company > Company Settings
  • Click the last tab, Support User:

  • Click on the Activate button - this user can be activated for a set amount of time unless it is manually deactivated. Once the account is activated, we will receive an automated email with the account details:

  • You can verify the status of the account as well: 

Note: To verify the activity of the user simply check under: Check Logs.

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