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BMS My Company | Company Settings | How to enable the 'CSKaseyaSupport' account for Kaseya support requests


BMS allows you to securely activate a BMS Support account which will then give us access to your BMS partition for a specified amount of time during an active support case.

The Process

To enable this feature: 

  • Access your BMS tenant
  • Navigate to Admin > My Company > Company Settings
  • Click the last tab, Support User:

  • Click on the Activate button - this user can be activated for a set amount of time unless it is manually deactivated. Once the account is activated, we will receive an automated email with the account details:

  • You can verify the status of the account as well: 

Note: To verify the activity of the user simply check under: Check Logs.

Auto-login Link and Expiry

When the user enables a support account for their tenant, an email will be sent with the following data to Kaseya technicians who work on their issue.

The system will be sending an encrypted link, that will auto-login Kaseya technicians.

  • Anyone who has access to the link can click on it and autologin. The link will expire once the activation time set by the customer is reached. Support will have to re-request to enable the account.

  • Expiry duration will be part of the email.

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