BMS Reports | How to resolve report 'abending' issue when we use ticket and ticket notes objects in Ad-Hoc Reports?

Question: How can I resolve report 'abending' issue when we use Ticket and Ticket Notes objects in Ad-Hoc Reports? 

Answer: We have seen the reports time out when using Ticket and Ticket Notes categories. This is because our reporting engine, Exago, will be trying to get data from both the object tables and if both of these categories do not have a valid filter the report will then time out. 


Solution: To avoid this we have built an internal JOIN on the database level and create a new Exago object that joins Ticket and Ticket Notes to avoid Performance on Exago joining. As a result, we will not have to add ticket and ticket notes as separate objects - this will be creating a join at the server level.

All Fields from the Ticket will be found in this new Ticket Notes object for which you will not need to go out of this object.

  • Create a report and use Ticket Notes object to test this out:

  • We have done a similar join for Ticket and Ticket Time Entries and the object to use here is Time Spent.
  • This will get all time entries related to certain tickets and output the aggregate time spent: 

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