Support Page Overview

The KaseyaOne Support page allows you to request technical support through the KaseyaOne hub and view tickets that have been created by you or you have been copied on.  


Create a Support Ticket 

  1. From the Support page, click the Get Help button on the top right of the page

  2. In the Get Help window, you can:
    1. Search for your issue by typing in the Search for solution field
    2. Choose an article from the Search Results
    3. Or view more articles by clicking the Browse All Articles link
  3. If you can't find an article that provides a solution to your issue, you may submit a support request by clicking the Open a Ticket link
  4. Clicking on the Open a Ticket link will open a new tab to the Submit a request page. Fill out the form and click Submit to create your support request.
Note: It may take a few minutes before the new ticket appears in KaseyaOne.  Refreshing the screen will show the new ticket in the list once the data has been updated. 

Filter Support Tickets by Status

All tickets on the Support page can be filtered by the current Status of the ticket: 

    1. Pending status - Click on the Action Required widget
    2. Open status- Click on the Open Tickets widget
    3. Closed status- Click on the Resolved last 30 days widget

Filter Support Tickets by Requester, CC, or Company

You can also filter support tickets by the Requester or if you have been copied on a ticket by clicking either option from the Radio dial. Only Master users can filter support tickets by Company.

Premium Support Info

If you are subscribed to Kaseya Premium support, you can check the details on what Premium support offers by clicking on the Go Premium Support link. The Premium Support offer will open in PDF format in a new browser tab.


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