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Profile Settings Page Overview

The Profile Settings page, located by clicking on your KaseyaOne username in the upper right-hand corner, provides the ability to edit your user information such as First and Last Name and Email.

Note: You currently cannot change your username but will be able to do so in a future update. 


 Edit User Information 

  1. Navigate to the Profile Settings pagemceclip0.png
  2. On the Profile Tab, edit the necessary information.  
    Note: If the email was changed, the email will not be updated until the user clicks on the confirmation link sent to the new email. 
  3. Click the Save button.

Reset 2FA

  1. On the Profile tab of the Profile Settings page click the Reset 2FA button.
  2. Log out of KaseyaOne.
  3. Next time you log into KaseyaOne, you will be prompted to set up your 2FA.

Edit Module URLs

  1. On the Module URLs tab of the Profile Settings page click the Pencil icon (edit) next to the Module URL you would like to change.

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