9.5.6 ( Feature Release – 8 May 2021

The VSA 9.5.6 release includes enhancements and fixes described in the topics below. For minimum system and agent requirements, see these topics in the Kaseya R95 System Requirements Guide: Kaseya Server Minimum Requirements & Configuration and Agent Minimum Requirements. 

This release requires agent version Be sure to update your Windows, Mac, and Linux agents after installing this release. 

Important Security Updates 

This release contains important security updates.  We are not aware of these issues being publicly disclosed or exploited, however, as we do with each product release, we recommend on-premises customers update to this release as soon as possible (No action is required for SaaS customers as updates are automatically applied). 

  • Fixed an XML external entity (XXE) vulnerability.
  • Fixed a SQL injection vulnerability.
  • Fixed a local file inclusion vulnerability.  

Release Schedule  

  • Saturday, May 8th - SaaS deployment started.  
  • Saturday, May 15th - SaaS deployment completed.  
  • Wednesday, May 19th - General Availability (on-prem customers) 

Note: SaaS customers will be informed of their maintenance window via https://status.kaseya.net.

Dates are subject to change at short notice. On-prem customers are advised to check this page again prior to attempting an upgrade.


Database & Schema 

  • Removed a data de-duplication process for Agent Logs and Event Logs.  


  • Added the URL Rewrite module installation to the SystemCheck screen in KInstall. For more information, see URL Rewrite topic.
  • Updated the VSA Installation Complete dialog screen to display the Installation Complete screen at the end of the installation process. 

Live Connect 

  • Updated the function list displayed in Access Rights tab for User Roles and Machine Roles to match the function menu in the Live Connect application. 

If “Use new Live Connect when clicking the Live Connect button in Quickview” is set to “No” on System > Server Management > Default Settings page, the old function list is displayed under parent node called “Live Connect (Classic)”.

Bug Fixes  


  • Fixed an issue where the agent uninstall process sometimes would fail/hang on MacOS.

Cloud Backup 

  • Fixed an issue where alerts would stop being created in VSA if Acronis has an alert with description exceeding 500 characters.

Info Center 

  • Fixed an issue where Windows Server 2019 was missing from the 100% category of the OS Score list when configuring the Executive Summary report.
  • Fixed an issue where customized “How To Read Notes” for Executive Summary report did not display in Antivirus and Anti-Malware sections.
  • Fixed a typo in the “How To Read Notes” section of the Executive Summary Report (Anti-Malware was spelt incorrectly).


  • Fixed an issue where the IIS > URL Rewrite settings were overwritten after KSP installation was completed.

Policy Management 

  • Fixed an issue where recurring schedules applied by Policy did not start on the expected day, and would be skipped a month, week, or day.

Remote Control 

  • Fixed an issue where clipboard synchronization would stop working when using multiple concurrent Remote Control sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where Remote Control application did not release memory when closing sessions, which would sometimes lead to high latency and session freezing.
  • Fixed an issue where screen recording could be started in private Remote Control sessions, but it would record the console and not the user session. Screen recording is not supported in private (including 1-Click) remote control sessions, and the button will no longer be displayed.
  • Updated Remote Control > Notification Policy > User Role Policy and Remote Control > Notification Policy > Machine Policy pages to show that screen recording is for shared sessions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Legacy Remote Control log report part failed to render if a Remote Control session was logged with a duration longer than 24 days.

Service Desk 

  • Fixed an issue where the users were not able to submit tickets through the old ticketing portal.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 9.5.5 where tickets could not be deleted from Service Desk > Operations > Tickets page.

Software Management 

  • Fixed an issue where the Last Scan Date information was removed after editing the profile. 


  • Fixed an issue where the VSA database backup / maintenance process did not remove backups older than 3 times the maintenance period, causing the disk to fill up.
  • Fixed an issue where Kaseya Server service (KServer) could crash because of a memory allocation error during message processing.
  • Successful API and Live Connect authentication requests are now recorded in System > Server Management > System Log.


  • Fixed an issue where the Ticketing > Manage Tickets > Delete/Archive page would fail to load in some environments with a large number of archived tickets.

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